For years, all kinds of packages and sizes being used in the world of cleaning and maintenance products have been a steady part of our production. From small bottles to the generally known 5 L jerrycan, with as the most recent innovation the 5 L “Wave” model, with considerably dwindled weights with the same compression (see chart with Certificates).


    As an expert in the field, we are offering you our services of Design & Concept, to be of service for all of your new packaging. Particularly in the automotive industry, these play an important part, in order to set oneself apart from the others. Together starting out towards a new challenge!


    Hygiene & Design are both important features here! The last few years Nervia Plastics has been more and more active in the “sauce” business. More sizes and shapes are offered, from standard models to customized models with spray nozzles or top down caps. Bring your idea to us, and together we will work on your unique design.
    In terms of design and hygiene, Nervia Plastics has developed its technology to meet the criteria applying to aesthetics and compliance in the food industry.


    Almost all classics to be found in DIY shops are available with us, from the 500 ml and 1 L bottles for light chemicals, to the UN-approved 5 L jerrycan.